Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yeo Jung's 1st Birthday Party

Yeo Jung in her adorable hanbok.

Yeo Jung with Mom and Dad. I had to miss this party because of maedeup class but Curt (hubby) filled in for me and took some great pictures. They had a buffet and Curt said it was delicious.

Grandpa and Grandma too!

The whole family worn matching hanboks.

Curt found this table set up with beautiful pictures of the family.

Daddy saying a few words about his little girl.

What will she choose? The bowl of rice, the money, the microphone...

Here she goes.

Yeo Jung chose the golf ball. I'm not sure if it means she will be a golfer or into sports.

Grandma saying a few words.

And a few words from the other Grandma.

Every guest went home with a towel, embroidered with Yeo Jung's name and her birth date.
I really didn't want to miss this party but with maedeup class being more regimented, it is really hard to miss a class. We cover a lot of ground during those five hours of class. The more complicated the knots, the more time is needed to practice and master the knots.
I made it through my first week of yoga. I cannot believe how sore I am but it was nice to have the weekend to rest. I'm learning how to count in Korean (we do a lot of counting with the exercises) and I can get up to four and then have to revert back to English. The class was really shocked the first time I did it. I'm working on being able to count all the way up to ten.


CreekHiker said...

So sorry you had to miss the party! It looks like great fun. Yeo Jung is a cutie!

I'm so proud of you! Between Maedup and Yoga...Wow, you've come a long way!

Becky said...

Holly: She was a cutie! I made it through two weeks of yoga. Now, 5 hours of maedeup on Saturday.

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