Friday, February 29, 2008

Subway Warning

We found this sign while waiting for the subway in Seoul last Saturday. The subways in South Korea are really safe for the most part. The only time I have felt uncomfortable is when we have had to ride the subway at night. There seems to always be a few drunken Korean men and they make me nervous.

A few weeks ago, we were riding home from maedeup class when we heard an older Korean yelling. Apparently, a young man sat in the section that is designated for older and handicapped people. He did move but that didn't pacify this man. He was clearly drunk and continued his tirade. As we were exiting the subway, we had to walk past him and he reeked of alcohol. It really is sad to me that this type of behavior is acceptable and excused.


CreekHiker said...

So, have you caught your purse in the doors yet??? LOL!

Becky said...

Not yet! Happy Birthday, my girl!!!!!

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