Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Shopping in Suwon

Stores here in Korea have some of the wackiest names I've ever seen.

See what I mean.

I didn't know underwear was a secret! Shhhhh.

We met three new friends.

I can't believe I paid 43,000 won(about $43 US) for this toaster. With the large selection of two models to choose from, I decided to go with the cheaper of the two. The other toaster was 89,000 won (about $89 US).
I've missed making my own toast and just couldn't take it anymore.


Helena said...

LOL! There was a store called "The Dumb" that I always meant to get a picture of, but I don't think I ever did. There was another one called "Lady Man" that always made us laugh.

Becky said...

Helena: There is a clothing store in Suwon Station called "Feel and Shop." I still need to get a picture of that.

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