Monday, April 28, 2008

New Store or Restaurant Openings in Suwon. South Korea

Every time a new store or restaurant opens here in Suwon, you will find displays of flowers lining the entrance. These are bought by family members and friends to show their support. This display happens to be in front of a new clothes store but we have also seen them when a restaurant opens.

The tall flower displays remind me so much of funeral flowers. Typically back in the States, I would only see this type of display at a funeral so that's what I think of when I see them.
I have a funny maedeup class story that shows another instance of cultural differences between the U.S. and South Korea. A few weeks ago at class I was really getting stressed working on a knot and I developed a headache. Always having some Advil in my purse, I reached down and grabbed my purse. I opened the bottle as discreetly as possible and tapped a few pills into my hand. My girlfriends asked me what I was doing (no secrets in Korea) and I told them about my headache. They looked at each other kinda shocked and I went to get some water.
By the time I returned, the entire class knew the American had a headache and needed DRUGS. My teacher was really worried about me the rest of the class. I tried to convince them that it was no big deal and I get headaches occasionally mostly allergy related. I thought their concern was funny and I forget about the incident.
Last week at class we had another particularly difficult knot and I was really struggling with it. The teacher was really being overly attentive towards me and finally I asked the girls why the teacher seemed so worried about me. They told me that she was really worried I would get another headache and she didn't want that to happen. She was upset that I had needed to take medication something Koreans rarely do. I didn't know that.
Today at yoga class I asked my 72 year old yoga buddy about it. He said Koreans NEVER take drugs for anything. He said for a headache to press hard and rub my temples and the headache will go away. No drugs. So I asked him what do Koreans do for a stomach ache. He took my hand and pressed into the flesh between by thumb and forefinger. He said that would cure a stomach ache.
I told him in America we take a pill for everything: if you have a headache, if you have a stomach ache, if you are sad, if you want to sleep... We expect a pill to cure everything and anything. We also expect immediate relief to any ailment. I know I do.
So now I'm waiting to get a headache and a stomach ache to see if these things work. It would be a much healthier way for me to live. I love Eastern medicine practices. No more drugs!!
I want to thank my dear friend Holly for awarding me the Gratitude with Attitude Award. She was my first producer at The Carol Duvall Show and we became instant best friends. It was like I had met my sister and we have been close ever since. She also knows ALL the great food places in Los Angeles. She also is a talented bead maker and was the one to turn me on to lampwork beadmaking. I had to leave it all back home while we are here in Korea but I'll be dusting it off when we return home.


Lori G. said...

Hi Becky. Thanks for your blog!

The thing with the thumb/forefinger thing works for headaches. I actually do the ibuprofen route but if I don't have any on hand I knead that little muscle there.

We have a korean acupuncturist here and with the magic she does, we wouldn't need any medicine if we could always get to her!

Becky said...

Hi Lori: I am so amazed at what I have learned over here. It's really an incredible country with incredible people.

CreekHiker said...

Becky, You made me cry! That was so sweet! I love and miss you sister!!!!

OK... I'm with Lori on the thumb/forefinger thing... I've always heard it works for headaches. It does work for me on mild, non-sinus related ones. Stick with the drugs!!!

Becky said...

Holly! Hope all is well and I miss you too!

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