Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dinner with a Korean Cutie Patootie

We had dinner last night with Yeo Jung and of course, her parents. I had to miss her first birthday party but Curt (hubby) took some incredible pictures. Her daddy works with Curt and I've been wanting to do dinner with them for a long time. They both speak English very well. I even got to hold Yeo Jung.

Here's a picture with Curt. I didn't want to give her back.

She provided the entertainment at dinner. Her parents came well prepared with plenty of toys to play with and food.

Here mama, look what I found.

She was playing peek a boo. They have a Korean name for it but the game is still the same.

I wish I would have thought to bring the video camera. Mom starting humming one of the "Wonder Girls" songs and she was dancing around to it. The "Wonder Girls" are a very popular girl's group in South Korea. She also knows how to bow which she performed to our delight.
I found out a few more things about Korean babies. You don't start them on kimchi until they are about three years old. It is too spicy for a baby. I agree. The grandparents live in Seoul and the weekends are spent with them. Grandma makes sure her daughter goes home with enough food for the week so mama doesn't have to cook. Wow, I'm liking Korea more and more. I have to say that even now when my mom comes to visit she brings food. There is nothing like mom's cooking.
We had the best time and will definitely do it again.

A new mandu (dumpling) shop opened up near the yoga studio. I asked my yoga buddy if he'd tried it yet and he said "No, but let's go now." So we did. He wouldn't let me pay but I couldn't believe how cheap it was, 1000 WON for six ($1.00 US). He bought 18 and I was stuffed when I left. It was delicious and melted in your mouth.

Here is the menu.
I won't be posting for a few days. We leave tomorrow for Jeju Island for a mini vacation. It is only about a 40 minute flight. We will be taking a lot of pictures so stay tuned. I am so far behind in maedeup that I will be bringing it along.


CreekHiker said...

Hey, Hope you are having a wonderful trip and a good rest! Love the pics of you w/ the baby. Love the cheap food too!!! What fun!

Becky said...

Hi Holly: We had a great time!

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