Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jeju Island - Part 2

The night before we had arranged with the concierge at the hotel to hire a taxi driver as a guide for the day (8 hours). We arrived that morning to find that the concierge had no record of us reserving a driver. They scrambled for a few minutes and then grabbed one of the many taxis waiting out in the parking lot. We had wanted an English speaking driver but at this point we didn't care. The concierge guy listed the places we wanted to visit which would cover the eastern half of the island. I was already in the taxi when another driver walked up claiming to be our driver.

No problem, we switched cabs and this guy knew a little English. He looked at our list and also was going to add a few places of his own. He first took us to this lookout which happened to be pretty close to the hotel.

The lava columns were made when the lava shot up through the water during the volcano eruption. There are no active volcanoes on Jeju.

The water was so blue and beautiful.

The next stop was the Jeju World Cup Stadium. I wondered why we had stopped here but I wasn't going to question our guide.

We couldn't believe that you could just walk into the stadium. It was wide open. We could have hopped onto the field if we had wanted to. The place was a ghost town.

The field was beautiful.

I really wondered why we were at the stadium but then the driver took us into the stadium and this is where we found the Dak-paper Doll Museum. Dak-paper is mulberry paper. The dolls created from this paper resemble our paper mache. It was one of the places I wanted to visit.

This is how they create a doll.

We took a lot of pictures. Here are just a few.

A common sight on the streets of South Korea.

The next stop was the cloisonne shop I wanted to see and a beautiful waterfall. More tomorrow so stay tuned.


CreekHiker said...


Those dolls are AMAZING!!! And in a soccer stadium... what? Do they think the women need something to do during the game??? I don't get it!!!

Sorry I missed your call. I was taking a silver smithing class. I'm home tonight though...; - }

Miss you!

Becky said...

Holly: I'm still looking for some actual dolls to buy. I definitely want one before we leave here.

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