Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jeju Island - Part 1

We arrived on Jeju Island after less than an hour in the air from the Gimpo Airport in Seoul. We found these signs all over Jeju and it really made us smile.

After we checked into the Lotte Hotel, we decided to check out the area by foot. We found that the residents of Jeju like to use lava rocks to make piles like the one above and also to make fences. We saw miles and miles of lava rock fences.

This is a view out of our hotel window.

Another view out of our hotel window.

As we walked around we found restaurants that had been abandoned. There was a Hooters and a Cinnabons at one time but no more. It looked like a ghost town. The only thing open were convenience stores and a couple of Korean restaurants.

We decided to eat in the hotel restaurant. We knew we would have to pay more but we didn't really have any alternative. As we waited for our food, we found our chefs on the deck running around and having a blast.

First course was a kimchi pancake. It was delicious.

Here's a picture of the side dishes.

We ordered the Korean barbeque. It was surprising how tough the meat was. It wasn't a very memoriable meal. The waiter prepared and cooked the meat on a serving cart before transfering the meat to these warmers.

Next came the soup. I really don't like my shrimp to look like they have just been caught. I was so full at this point I couldn't eat much of the soup although it was very good.

Then came dessert and it was delicious. We had a surprise when we got the bill. We had thought we ordered the Korean barbecue that fed 1 or 2 for 80,000 WON ($80.00 US) but when we got the bill, the waiter had ordered us TWO barbecue and the bill was over 160,000 WON ($160.00 US). We thought we had ordered ONE barbecue which was plenty of food for us. Oh well, we learned a valuable lesson.

The bar in our hotel room is well stocked.

Picture of our bathroom.

I'm used to seeing a Bible in the night stand drawer but not "The Teachings of Budda." I did read a little of it and I found it really interesting. I may have to pick up a copy sometime.


Helena said...

Whoa, that's a spendy meal! Too bad the meat wasn't better. I had a shrimp twikim (like tempura) once, and then after I'd already eaten one, I realized it was the whole shrimp. Eww.

I've looked at several couple's photos who went to Chejudo for their honeymoons, and they all took exactly the same pictures. It was like the Honeymoon Photo Tour Package. It'll be interesting to see something else.

It's kind of funny that there's no Korean on the "we love having you here" sign. Hmmm.

CreekHiker said...

Becky, That is certainly the priciest meal you've written about! I'm shocked!!!

It sounds like it was a good get away though!

Miss you!

Becky said...

Helena: We took a ton of pictures so stay tuned.

Holly: It was so overpriced and the meat was tough too!

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