Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jeju Island - Part 5

The next stop on our way around the western half of Jeju Island was Miniature Word. It's a place that has miniature replicas of famous architecture from all over the world. At first, I wasn't too interested in the miniature architecture but what did catch my attention was the Korean families. This place was a major photo op for them.

Here is some of the architecture.

Scenes like these were extremely fascinating to me.

So we ended up taking pictures of Koreans taking pictures.

Everywhere we went, we heard "hana, tul, set" which translates to one, two, three. In the U.S., the usual phrase is "say cheese." In Korea, we've been saying, "say kimchi."

This was the youngest photographer we saw. It took her a few tries to get the camera into position. It was a little too heavy for her.

Mount Rushmore located in South Dakota in the U.S.

They really wanted the little girl to kiss the dwarf.

I guess she needed a little help. I wouldn't have wanted to kiss that dwarf either. To be honest, I can't recall the last time I saw so much picture taking going on.

We also noticed that some couples wore identical shirts. This is a common practice among couples that are dating but I hadn't seen it in married couples.

The next stop was O'Sulloc Tea Museum. Admission is free and features tea related items that span from the present to thousands of years ago. They also sell many different kinds of tea. When you have finished your tour of the museum, you can sit and enjoy some green tea products like green tea ice cream.

The final stop before heading off to the airport was the Bunjae Artpia which is a park that houses bonsai trees. There are over 2000 plants which range from 30-250 years old. I really enjoyed reading some of the signs in the park. I like the statement, "Do not make a thoughtless evaluation." Only if we all could live our lives that way.

How old do you think this tree is?

This is me in a swing we found in the park.

As we were leaving the park, we saw these women picking weeds with their hands. Back breaking work. It doesn't look like they use weed killer.

I never knew all the benefits of bonsai trees.

Lava trees.

As you are leaving the park, you cross over this pond of koi fish.

We saw this little boy come with some fish food that he had bought. The koi went wild for the food. Some even tried to jump out of the water. It was a feeding frenzy.

Our taxi driver wanted a picture with us so of all places, he had us pose at one of the statues at The Museum of Sex and Health. I can't believe where they put their hands. I didn't know that until after we had returned home and I downloaded the pictures.

Our taxi driver turned out the be a celebrity in his own right. He was the personal driver of former President George Bush six years ago when he visited Jeju Island. He spent two days with the President and said he was really a very nice man.
Curt (hubby) had to snap this picture for proof. He had it on the glove box in his taxi. He asked us how we liked his car. He owns the car and was really proud of it.
It was a wonderful getaway. I don't know if I would have enjoyed it as much during the hot summer. The weather was perfect. We also were surprised at how little traffic there way. It is really rural in most places. We are deciding where to go next. I'm thinking of Bali.
I am definitely becoming Korean. I did something Saturday that was VERY Korean. I even have the pictures to prove it. I know my mom will disapprove but I did it anyway. How's that for a tease?


CreekHiker said...

Great teaser at the end. I love the photo with Curt and the taxi driver!!! Too funny! Sounds like a great trip.

You MUST read Eat, Pray, Love before going to Bali!

Becky said...

Holly: Great talking to you today!!

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