Friday, May 16, 2008


Another maedeup piece is finished as you can see above. Class is over in a couple of weeks. The teacher wanted to know what I wanted to do next because most students take the certification test which completes the program. I told her that I want to continue with classes as long as I'm in Korea. It is an opportunity that will end when our stay here in Korea ends. She was baffled by that answer and continued to ask my girlfriend what I wanted to learn. I kept repeating that I wanted to perfect my knots and to learn whatever she wished to teach me. We never did resolve what that was.

This is a necklace I had to make for homework.

On another note, I was at the grocery store a few days ago when my arm was grabbed by a Korean man. It has been months since this has happened to me so I expected to see an older Korean man or woman. I was surprised to find that it was young Korean man who looked like he was in his early 30's. He asked, "Are you an English teacher?" I replied, "No," He asked, "Do you want to be?" I replied "annio" which is no in Korea. End of conversation. I've never been approached for jobs like I have been here in South Korea.

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CreekHiker said...

Becky, Your Maedeup is amazing!!! I love it.

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