Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tailoring in South Korea

We have been meaning to get to Itaewon since we arrived here in South Korea. There is a tailor shop there that caters to Westerners. They have great prices for custom made clothes. It is especially nice when your husband is 6' 5" (almost 2 meters) and clothes are hard to come by in his size.

Hamilton Shirts is located a couple of stores West of the Subway sandwich shop in downtown Itaewon. I hadn't had a tuna sandwich from Subway since we've moved almost a year ago so we stopped there before preceeding to the tailor. The sandwich tasted just like back home and I devoured it.

As you enter the store you notice that one wall is covered from top to bottom with shirt fabrics. The opposite wall is covered with suit fabrics. You can order future clothes through their website once you have been in the store and measured.

This is Curt (hubby) getting measured. The Koreans were really impressed with how tall he was. He is especially tall here in South Korea. So how many Koreans does it take to measure my husband?



You win if you answered three. He was measured for two shirts and a suit. The shirts came to about 80,000 WON ($80 US) and the suit was 470,000 WON ($470 US). He has to go back this week to have the shirts and suit final fitted. Hmmm, maybe I can get him to take me to Subway beforehand.
The store was really busy with a constant stream of people. We were the only Westerners in the store during the time we were there but we sure saw a ton of them walking the streets of Itaewon.


CreekHiker said...

How fun!!! I have a few actor friends that were lucky enough to get some custom clothes off of shoots. They say there is NOTHING like it!

The Red Hand said...

I am heading to Seoul in January for two months with a theatre company. I have some vintage (60's) sport jackets that I would like to have tailored to fit me correctly. (bring in around middle). I was wondering if it's cheap to do this kind of thing in Korea.

Charlotte Hall said...

I was really amaze that it needs three people just to measure him. And I think they have great fabrics to use for custom clothes. I want to go to that sandwich shop and try their tuna sandwich cause I believe it's really delicious.

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