Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blowing Bubbles in Suwon

There's nothing better than blowing bubbles on a beautiful day in Suwon. Noah was a pro.

Grandpa even helped.

Our son-in-law made dinner for us one night. He made the most delicious stir fry I've ever tasted. No recipe, he just winged it. Here he is in action.

He filled empty bowls with rice and then turned them upside down on the plates. I've never seen anything like it.

Here are the vegetables. I know he used sesame oil but that's about all I know.

This is the beef and the sauce had Pepsi in it.

Here is the completed dish. It almost looked too pretty to eat.


mississy said...

Aww, Noah is such a cutie!

petrina y said...

Hi i just started reading your blog... glad i found it. I really enjoy the snippets of life in Korea u have here... its the country I most wanna live in =)

I'm Asian, but not Korean... anyhow jus wanted to say that the upturned rice thing? That's how Asians serve it! most of the time at least. It's like that all over Asia not just Korea.

It's so interesting to see Korea thru the eyes of a non-Asian. My view of Korea is thru K-dramas(which are very hot thruout Asia these recent years) and Korean exchange students I know. So it's quite a different perspective =) I guess for us some things are the same but would be totally surprising for a non-Asian.

Anyw, keep those entries coming! =)

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