Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Icheon Ceramic Village

We had my friend, Mr. Choi take us to the Icheon Ceramic Village. They were having a ceramic festival. These are ceramic bells.

Noah and momma.

Noah found a lot of fun things to crawl on and through.

We found school groups all over the village.

The kids were really well behaved.

Grandpa and Noah.
We even found ceramics for sale.

A ceramic piece inside the ceramic museum.

We also found a tea house and we participated in a tea ceremony. This is mom and Noah.

She first poured hot water into all the cups while the tea steeped. She then poured out the water replacing it with tea. The rice cakes that she also served were the best we had ever tasted. The tea was served to us three times.

Noah in the tea house.

While we had our tea, this woman entertained Noah for us outside of the tea house.

She really enjoyed her time with Noah.

More kids.

This uniform was ingenious. You could see these kids from a mile away.

Even more kids.

We had a traditional Korean meal for lunch near the village. Noah and mom deciding what to try first.

The food was delicious!

Our son-in-law deciding what to try next. He loved Korean food. More tomorrow.


Helena said...

How fun! What a lot of cool stuff. Dinner looks yummy.

Becky said...

Helena: It was so nice to see our family! Congratulations on the new addition coming to your family!

CreekHiker said...

Becky, I've been looking at all the pictures of Noah. Oh, he's such a joy! He must be a very good baby! He seems so happy with all the strangers holding him. I know you and Curt were so happy to see him.

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