Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Full House - Korean Drama

While the girls were here, we finally figured out how to run our Korean DVD player. While watching Korean television recently, I got hooked on the rerun of "Full House" which features Rain (Bi). I had no idea what they were saying but it didn't stop me from being entertained. Curt (hubby) recently bought me the DVDs with English subtitles.

We had to rush home everyday from shopping to watch "Full House." The girls didn't want to go home until they had seen the entire series which is 9 DVDs. We did finish the final disk the last night they were here.

So this is for Wendy, Hayley and Jacque:

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Rain (Bi) is the male lead in this drama. He calls the female lead names like rice cooker and poultry.

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CreekHiker said...

I take it this has no relation to the Full House from American tv??

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