Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Pictures With Our U.S. Visitors

My cousin, Jacque's twins were so excited to get their matching Hanboks. Aren't they darling?

Here they are showing some Korean won along with jewelry their mom bought for them here in South Korea.

These are pictures Curt (hubby) took with his camera. This one is with my Korean girlfriend, Hellena, showing a wall in Insadong where people write all kinds of things on it. It was really cool to look at.

The Korean hanok is becoming extinct so the city government of Seoul is restoring and rebuilding this traditional Korean house. We visited Bukchon which is also called Hanok Town. It contains private homes along with small museums such as the maedeup museum and embroidery museum. Since we visited this area last only months ago, now the museums all seem to charge 3000-5000 WON ($3-5 US).

The area is like stepping back in time.

A picture of all the girls.


Helena said...

What cute hanboks!

I love the old hanoks. I found that site about "The Destruction of Kahoi Dong." So sad.

CreekHiker said...

Those twins are cuties!!!

Becky said...

Helena: That area of Seoul is breathtaking.

Holly: Aren't they two cutie patooties?!!

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