Monday, June 9, 2008

Hard to See Them Go

We had the best time with the kids during their stay with us. Noah was such a blast and a constant amazement to us. I'm sounding like a doting grandparent but that is exactly what I am.

This picture of Noah is how we felt when they left. This was our first chance to really sight see around Seoul and we still didn't see a lot of what the city has to offer.

These pictures were taken by our son-in-law. Noah made a bunch of friends at the Seoul Tower.

I love the suspenders and the bandanna. Parents really put a lot of thought into dressing their children, boys included.

This is one of the security guards at our apartment building. We were outside one morning blowing bubbles and watching the kids hurry off to school.

Noah was a little hesitant but he did remarkable with all the attention that he received.

Here is a girl on her way to school.

The Koreans loved to touch Noah's face.

The kids enjoying tea at a tea house in Insadong.

While waiting for the subway, this guy just couldn't resist Noah.

This lady took Noah from my lap (I was sitting next to her) and I never did get him back. Luckily his dad stepped in and she did finally relinquish Noah.

I was shocked when she started doing this to Noah. We are told that the ground is the filthiest place and she repeated dangled Noah near the floor. He didn't really like it but he never cried. She stopped when she almost dropped him. I don't know if I handled it properly or not. Whenever Noah reached for me and I tried to get him, the woman would turn her back to me with Noah. It was an awkward situation that turned out fine.

Yes, this Korean is really wearing a newspaper hat.

Noah helping me with laundry.

He loved watching the clothes go round and round.

Our son-in-law enjoy one of the many Korean meals he had during their stay.

Our daughter.

My yoga buddy, Mr. Choi.

Grandpa, grandma and Noah. More visitors coming on Thursday. The fun will continue!


nosaj100 said...

Thanks for your comment......I love your pictures...My soon to be wife and I have enjoyed looking at your beautiful family and we love the picture of the police man talking to your grandson^^

Becky said...

I've been reading and enjoying your blog for quite some time. Noah drew attention everywhere we went.

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