Sunday, June 8, 2008

Seoul Tower

We decided to take a different way to Seoul from Suwon and rode the train from Suwon Station. It takes about 30 minutes. It was a little easier to maneuver with Noah and a stroller. Noah loved the train. Here he is with Grandma.

We ended upgetting on the wrong train so we had to get off at the Youngsan Station. Actually, we were told that was the end of the line. It was no big deal and we took a taxi from there to the Seoul Tower cable cars. It was a little farther than if we had been at Seoul Station.

Cable car on it's way back down from the tower.

They really cram you into the cable cars so be prepared to feel like a sardine.

Noah and Grandma.

After exiting the cable car, there is still quite a number of steps to get to the tower. When we arrived, we found this reenactment going on.

It costs 7000 WON ($7 US) to take the elevator to the observation deck. The view was fantastic. I think you could see most of Seoul from the tower. It was kinda hazy and I'm not sure if it was yellow dust or pollution or a combination of both.

The big black building is the Hyatt and is the first hotel we stayed at upon our arrival in South Korea. It's a beautiful hotel and somewhat isolated from downtown Seoul.

More views.
Looking straight down from the tower.
Another view looking straight down. The people looked so tiny.

Me holding hubby's backpack. Hey, shouldn't he be Korean and carry my purse. Oh, that's right. You only do that while you are dating.

Noah made some friends.

Popcorn is always tastier when shared.

Noah and Daddy.

Grandma loves popcorn too.

Noah and his new friends.

Noah's got the "Korean" squat down pretty pat.

It was a gorgeous day. Noah is smoothing out his hair.

Cable ride down.

Noah and Mommy.

Grandma looking down.

Curt was worried we wouldn't be able to catch a taxi. I knew we weren't the only people getting to the cable cars by taxi and we caught a taxi immediately. We dropped the kids off at Namdaemun for a bit of shopping while we took Noah home.


Helena said...

Ooh, I've been there! We didn't take the cable car, though. That would have been fun.

Becky said...

Helena: It was so cool. I don't think I could have handled walking all the way to the top.

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