Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Sightseeing in Seoul

Wendy, my sister, picked the wrong shoes to wear for the day. She had never worn them before and this was NOT the day to break them in. Our first stop was Insadong and she bought a pair of indoor slipper which she ended up wearing most of the day. This picture summed up her feelings about those new shoes.

Taking the subway to Insadong.

My niece, Hayley.

We passed by this office building which displayed this sign. Hmmmm.

Changdeokgung Palace. We thought you could just tour the palace at your leisure but that is only on Thursdays. The English speaking tour would last 1 1/2 hours. We stayed about 10 minutes and it was just too hot so we left.

T-shirt I saw while the English translator was speaking.

Pictures of Changedeokgung Palace. The palace was built in 1405 during the Joseon Dynasty. It was destroyed during the Imjin Invasion by the Japanese (1592-1598). It was reconstructed during the reign of King Gwanghaegun (1608-1623).

Old Korean housing that has been preserved in Seoul.

I have never seen one of these before and I have no idea what it is but it was so cool.

It seats two.

Ready to head back to Suwon.


CreekHiker said...

So glad you guys are having fun!

Becky said...

Holly! When are you coming over!!!

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