Friday, June 20, 2008

Seoul Tower and Dr. Fish with My Family

My sister snapped this picture of me while we waited for the cable car to take us to up Seoul Tower.

My cousin Jacque and my niece Hayley as we ride in the cable car to the top. Weekdays are the best time to visit Seoul Tower if you want to avoid the crowds.

Wendy (my sister), Hayley and Jacque in Seoul Tower.

A view from Seoul Tower.

We decided to eat in the cafeteria on Seoul Tower and I missed these locks on my first visit. It is right outside the cafeteria. People write wishes on the locks and then lock them to the fence.

A closeup of some of the locks.

After Seoul Tower, we caught a taxi to Namdaemun Market. This is Hayley wearing a shirt and necklace she bought in the market. We had a great day shopping!

Next stop was Dr. Fish. First you order something to drink. They have bread which is complimentary. When you are finished, you just let the staff know and they escort you to the Dr. Fish area.

Hayley washing her feet.

The girls were a little squeamish at first. I love the look on Jacque's face.

Hayley loved it too.

Picture of the fish. It's so funny how much the fish have grown since we first came to Dr. Fish which is about 9 months ago. Apparently they are eating well.

Wendy and Jacque. I was in charge of Wendy's video camera and she showed me how to do everything in about 10 seconds. When we got to the Dr. Fish part, I started recording thinking that the green light meant it was recording. I recorded for a few minutes and Wendy said that I had done enough. So I shut it off and set it aside. Come to find out I had actually had it on pause the whole time I thought I was recording and when I set it down is when I pressed the button to record so Wendy had 15 minutes of a wall. We had a good laugh about that one.

More Hayley at Dr. Fish. They set a 15-20 minute timer at Dr. Fish and then you are finished. We were sharing a tank with two Korean girls and the Dr. Fish guy had get out first. He then came over to us and wanted to reset the timer for another round. The girls were ready to go so we declined. It is interesting how catered to we are in a lot of places in Korea just for being foreigners. I am so spoiled!

Dinner was at one of our favorite chicken restaurants. Curt (hubby) had a company visitor from the States so he came along for dinner.

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CreekHiker said...

Glad to see Hayley got over her camera shyness. I think we need a Dr. Fish here!

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