Friday, July 18, 2008

Advertising in South Korea

The Koreans have a unique way of advertising their businesses. Last week, a new beer hof (bar) opened near our apartment. The music and dancing girls began at about one in the afternoon. Even with all my windows closed, I could hear the blaring music and the nonstop Korean pouring out of a microphone.

This isn't the first we've seen this in our neighborhood but this time it was close enough for me to capture some of it on our video camera. Korean girls DO NOT normally dress so scantily but it is common for these type of dancers to dress in very short shorts and skimpy bras. They also always have lots of blown up props to draw attention along with a disco ball.

The bar was on a rooftop and with all the noise, the bar generated three patrons in the course of the afternoon and evening. I don't know if I would call that a success but at least it only lasted one day.


EunKi said...

haha, that's funny stuff. i think i saw those girls in a taxi. by the way, i am hong and am just surfing blogs.

CreekHiker said...

Amazing synchronization... So glad that isn't an everyday thing!

Was there an inside area as well?

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