Monday, July 21, 2008

Something Smells Kinda Funny Around Here

We are into the steamy, hot summer here in South Korea. I've noticed recently as I pass by the oriental medicine clinic on my way to yoga a very strange odor coming from the clinic. To be perfectly honest, it smells a lot like marijuana. I know it is illegal in South Korea so I am really wondering exactly what it is I'm smelling.

Another stinky thing in South Korea came when I recently had a cheeseburger set at my local McDonald's. The tray came with this paper on the tray. The part that irked me was the "Clean & Safe." You wonder why Koreans are reacting to the U.S. beef importing when we have even American owned (at least last I heard) buying into the hysteria. It just offended me by insinuating that American beef is not clean, let alone safe.



CreekHiker said...

I really don't get the whole beef scare over there....... I didn't think mad cow affected American cattle. Very weird fears these Koreans have... fan death, bras all the time and now beef...

Becky said...

Now it isn't beef, it's about a Korean island, Dokdo, which Japan says that it is really their island. The whole country is in an uproar.

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