Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Han's Deli

We discovered Han's Deli when we were staying near the Suwon Station waiting for our ocean shipment to come it. It had a picture menu and when venturing out to eat with non Koreans, a restaurant with a picture menu is always a good idea.

Recently one opened up near our apartment and we were excited to visit. Their menu is definitely Western oriented from pasta to quesadillas. The picture above is what Curt (hubby) ordered.

I ordered a pasta with white sauce. I forgot the name that they used. The food is great and we also get free sweet pickles!

The restaurant is on the second floor looking over a busy intersection so we always seem to choose the same booth with a window view. This is one of the plants that was bought by friends and family for the opening. We never read the English on it until now. It says: Flower Garden Romantic style & Tomato. My mom would have to agree, tomato goes with everything!

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CreekHiker said...

Glad you have a Western style place nearby.

Becky, I'm really, really sick and may go in hospital tomorrow. I'll email when I can.

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