Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's Hot in South Korea This Summer

I thought the U.S. beef protests had died down but apparently I was wrong. There was more prostingin Seoul this past weekend. I must say they are getting more creative. I thought this was hilarious.

Besides the temperature being in the 90's with a heat index in the 100's, I've been reading about the "Hello Kitty" summer promotion at Korean 7-11 stores. With a purchase of 4000 won ($4 US), you can get (depending on the clerk) one or more world flower magnets. Ever since I heard about it, I've been keeping my eye out for a 7-11.

As we were taking the bus from Seoul home on Saturday, I noticed we passed a 7-11 not too far from our Home Plus (at least it looked that way from the bus). Today I decided to hunt down the 7-11 on my way to yoga class. I walked past the Home Plus and continued walking for about 4 blocks. By now, I was dripping in sweat and getting really thirsty. I had walked a total of a 1/4 of a mile when I saw the sign!

I went in and bought a water along with a few other items to get me over the 4000 won and proceed to the checkout. She totalled the items and I paid. She considered the transaction done so I asked, "Hello Kitty?" She gave me three magnets.

By this time I was late to yoga and in no condition to sweat it up with a grueling yoga session but I went anyway. I wasn't the only one with sweat pouring down my face. We had just completed a set of exercises on our back and were proceeding to sit cross-legged when I looked to the Korean guy next to me and saw a pool of water where his head once once. Yikes!

I came home after yoga and was pretty spent most of the afternoon. I have a book deadline this month so I can't really afford to take any time away from the computer.


CreekHiker said...

I love Hello Kitty. Libi turned me on to her. Glad you got your fix!

Becky said...

Holly: The promotion ended Aug.1. Oh well.

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