Thursday, July 31, 2008

Maedeup Update

This is my latest maedeup. My teacher had me put a pin back on it to wear as a pin or as a purse accessory. I'm too afraid it would fall off and I would lose it so I opted for making it a wall decoration. You should see the walls in my apartment. Everywhere you look from the moment you walk in the door is maedeup.
A funny thing happened last week when I arrived for class. My teacher and the maedeup shop owner were t having a discussion at the table where I sit. I took my regular spot at the opposite end of where they were sitting and began working. The shop owner then proceeded to carry on her conversation with my teacher in hushed Korean whispers. We were the only three in the entire shop and on a good day, I can understand about 10% of a Korean conversation.
I think they were discussing ideas for new classes. What's the big secret? I was just shaking my head chuckling to myself at how absurd the whole situation was. My teacher had to lean way over the table just to hear what the shop owner was saying.
I don't have class this week since it is vacation week at the maedeup shop. My Korean girlfriends plus my maedeup teacher are coming over for the day on Sunday. I feel SO honored that my maedeup teacher wants to visit me. We are going to do some maedeup and I'm sure we'll be eating something. I also need to start thinking about the maedeup test in September.


Ron said...

Beautiful job, Becky! When are you going to start writing that book? :o)


Becky said...

Hey Ron: August 2009

Ron said...


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