Friday, August 8, 2008

Parking - Korean Style

Real estate is at a premium including Suwon so it's a common sight to see cars parked on the sidewalk. It is especially common during lunch and dinner time. I've noticed that most buildings do provide underground parking but the elevators are SO slow that I think sidewalk parking is preferred. I always am careful when I walk past a parked car. I've almost been hit several times.

If you can't find a parking spot, just run in and give your keys to a male restaurant worker and they will park your car for you, returning it when you have completed eating. We found our car parked on the sidewalk after completing our meal once.

When Koreans eat out, they eat very quickly to allow for others to not have to wait long for a table. You can hang at one of the thousands of coffee houses if you want to chat.


Helena said...

We liked the tradition of pulling over as far as you can and then leaving the car running while you jump out and run into the store just for a second. "No, I'm not parked! See, the engine's still running!"

Becky said...

Helena: I can't believe the police let them park on a busy street. It can really tie up traffic at times. Just crazy! But then I'm in the land of red light runners.

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