Monday, August 4, 2008

Special Home Visit

On Sunday, my Korean girlfriends along with my maedeup teacher came over for a maedeup afternoon. My teacher is in the middle. We had so much fun and learned so much. Hellena had told my teacher that I would be cooking a great American dinner which had I known I would have. So instead we ordered chicken and pizza.

Hellena was watching our teacher intently.

Hannah never misses an opportunity to flash me the peace sign. It is a common thing for Koreans to do when posing for pictures.

Curt (hubby) hung out with us too mostly watching television. But he was never very far away when food was around. My teacher told the girls she had been waiting for an invitation to our apartment while I had thought it would put her on the spot to ask. I'm so glad she came down! We are definitely going to do it again. Whoever heard of a teacher that makes house calls.

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