Tuesday, August 12, 2008

T-Shirts and Trash

Walking in Insadong the other day, I spotted this couple and had to sneak a shot. Her t-shirt says "LOVE JUNKIE." It totally made sense which was surprising to me since most the t-shirts in English here do not. I also know they were not married. How did I know???? He's carrying her purse for her. I still can't get Curt (hubby) to do it. I wonder if this will ever catch on in the U.S.

I saw another t-shirt that day that totally made sense. Her t-shirt says "KEEP YOUR SMILE ALWAYS HONEY." I thought that was a guy with her until we crossed the street and noticed she was wearing a bra. I was just surprised at the very short haircut. I had not seen a Korean girl with hair that short.

I don't understand why Seoul won't fork out some won for garage cans. This is what our bus stop looked like on a Sunday afternoon. It was gross.

Tomorrow I have maedeup class and then I will spend the afternoon with my Korean girlfriends. Then on Thursday the maedeup shop owner wants me to attend a jewelry show she is in. I was thrilled that she wanted me to go and I'll try to see if I can take some pictures. If I can't and least I'm sure I'll come home with something.

I am worried about one of my Korean girlfriends. She called today to say she was pretty upset. She broke up with her boyfriend about a month ago and he has really been harassing her. He waits in front of her apartment all night (it must be a Korean thing, I've seen it on the Korean dramas), he texts her hundreds of times a day, calls even at her work and is pretty much stalking her. I will find out the details tomorrow but she tells me that the police will not do anything. I've offered to have her stay with us for a while and I'll see if I can convince her to come. He did pick her up here once so he may remember where we live but we have guards all over the complex so I'm not worried. Besides, I wouldn't mind having a little talk with him. It would be especially effective since I can only say things like: hello, thank you, I don't know, don't do that, here, there...


CreekHiker said...

Oh Becky, that dude would FREAK if you went off on him even in English!!!! Do it!!! I'm so sorry that is happening to her. She needs to change her cell # and tell work not to put through his calls.

khais_mine said...

I am so enjoying your blog and have just started keeping a notepad near me when I read as I have just arrived in Seoul last week.
Thanks for all the wonderful tips on where to go and what to do!!
Kim in Seoul

undauntedoh said...

Hey, there. My name is Oh and I happened to stumbled upon your blog and found it quite intrguin in that it talks about Suwon where I graduated my college, happened to have a job and live as well. I have no idea as to which part you live in Suwon, but as far as my neighbor is concerned, I think I am pretty content in that there are a plethora of amenities for me near my crib. I am wondering how you or your colleauge think of Suwon. I read some of the comments about Suwon on Dave's Esl, which
eventually puts me under the impression that that website
is where a whole bunch of frustrated foreign teachers
cavil on Koreans, the country and get satisfaction out of it.
Anyways, I'd love to keep reading your blog and talk about
some of your ideas as to Korea and Koreans. My blog is undauntedoh.blogspot.com although it is not active :(

Anyways, have a good one!

Becky said...

Holly: He really seems to have lost his mind over her.

Kim: Welcome to Korea! I'm ashamed that I've been here over a year and done so little. I plan to correct that soon with some trips around the pennisula. Hope all is well with you!

Oh: I was surprised at how large Suwon is. It is also very convenient to Seoul and I take the bus (7770) into Seoul at least once a week. Suwon is closer to my husband's job but his company really wanted him to live in Seoul. I'm glad we chose Suwon. We rarely see foreigners and I'm getting to learn a lot about Korean culture.

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