Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Chuseok Time in the City...

It's our second Chuseok spent in South Korea. This is a view from our local Home Plus. Time to dust off your hanboks and visit the family. It lasts three days and since two of the days are on the weekend, it is a shorter than the usual Chuseok Holiday.

Curt (hubby) leaves for a business trip on Sunday so he will miss most of it anyway.

I was surprised to receive a gift from my cleaning lady. She gave me this wallet with 1000 won ($1 US) in it. It was very thoughtful of her.

Today, I'm going to Seoul to meet up with Hellena and to check out a maedeup supply store hoping to find one that will supply the U.S. The owner of the maedeup shop where I take class will not give me information on her cording so I need to look elsewhere for a source. I have a U.S. company that will carry the cording so at least that is taken care of.

We found these crackers at Home Plus.

My Korean girlfriends are coming over for a sleepover tonight and then tomorrow we are going to visit the set of the Korean drama "Full House." It was filmed near Incheon and Hellena was able to find a taxi driver that will take us on a sightseeing tour for two hours. I'm so excited.


Helena said...

I don't think I've ever seen hanboks in a store like that! That's quite a photo.

CreekHiker said...

Sounds like a fun outing with the girls. Take pictures!

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