Monday, September 15, 2008

Korean Full House Visit - Part 2

Picking up from yesterday, this is Young-Jae's (Rain's) bedroom.

A view of the beach from the upstair's deck.

The view looking the opposite way.

The backyard.

Young-Jae's (Rain's) bedroom door.

I'm entering the gift shop. It was all Rain souvenirs. I was surprised that all the souvenirs were of Rain as he currently looks with shorter hair. I was looking for souvenirs from the drama and I wanted Rain to look like he did back in 2004. My Korean girlfriends said that Koreans always want the most recent look of their stars.

This is Han Ji-Eun's (Song Hye-Kyo's) bedroom.

The closet that Young-Jae (Rain) hid in when Han Ji-Eun (Song Hye-Kyo) opened it and he fell out.

Han Ji-Eun's (Song Hye-Kyo's) bed.

That's me at Han Ji-Eun's (Song Hye-Kyo's) vanity where he had placed her wedding ring after she had given it back to him. She promptly put it back on.

A view from the second level.

View of the kitchen from the second level.

The window is dressed with a gorgeous metal cut out.

The gate to the house.

The house from the beach side.

The famous bench where the two sat resting.

That's Curt (hubby) and me.

That's me with my good friend Rain.

Another view of the back of the house.

That's me with the Rain and Song Hye-Kyo.
The bike that Young-Jae (Rain) bought for Han Ji-Eun (Song Hye-Kyo). She didn't know how to ride a bike so he taught her how.

The road that leads to the house. It appears a lot in the drama.

Me at the front gate of the house.

A view from the front of the house.

The bridge to the house. You also see them driving on this in the drama.

Lunch on the island. These are the side dishes.

Hairtail fish soup. The fish had tons of bones in it and I'm just too lazy to work that hard to remove them. Hellena showed us a way to do it easily. I was still nervous so she took the bones out for me.

We paid for the ferry ride on the way back. While waiting for the ferry, these bicycle dudes showed up. Their entire face and neck were covered up with handkerchiefs. Hellena told me that was to keep the sun off their face and neck. They still looked to me like they were ready to rob a bank. It as also pretty hot and humid so I would think this would have been uncomfortable especially waiting a half hour for the ferry.
Hannah bought some shrimp treats to feed the seagulls. But she couldn't resist eating a few herself.

Curt itching. That's a story in itself. I'll tell it tomorrow. Suffice to say, it's been a nightmare.

Grandpa and his granddaughter feeding the seagulls.

On the ferry ride, we feed the seagulls. I tried to get Hannah to hold on until a seagull plucked the shrimp treat but she got too nervous so she just threw them.

A scene from the deck of the ferry.
I ended up having about 5 or more seagulls pluck the treat from my fingers. The last one drew blood so that was it for me.

A view of the island from the ferry.

Waiting inside the air conditioned part of the ferry.

Curt, Hannah and me.

Curt and me. It was so much fun and we had a great time. If you ever have a chance to see the drama, do it! It's fantastic and is sure to get you hooked on Korean dramas. Tomorrow, I'll talk about the adventure getting home. It wasn't as easy as getting to the island.
Rumor around South Korea is that the screenplay has been written for the sequel to Full House (it took two years) and now they are in the process of casting. The Koreans are hoping the Rain and Song Hye-Kyo will reprise their roles. I'm not sure how a sequel will do but it would be a great asset to have the original cast members.

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ninjaKID said...

I LOVE this article of yours. though I'm a little envious with u reaching the place. I so so so so so so love Full house. & I think if the season two would be in different casting... it's not full house anymore.

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