Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Long Ride Home From The Full House House

It was a little bit of walk from the ferry launch to the bus stop. We really appreciated how far the bus driver had gone out of his route to drop us off near the launch. We were in a really rural part of the country near the Incheon International Airport. A 710 bus pulled up and before boarding, my Korean girlfriends asked if this would take us back to the subway in Incheon. The bus driver surprisingly said no and to take a 301-1 bus which there was a sign for near the bus stop. We were surprised because it was a 710 bus we took to get to the ferry launch.
The 710 buses came every 20-30 minutes and was the only bus to come along. We were near a intersection and saw many cars pass us. Most slowed way down to stare at the foreigners probably wondering what the heck were we doing out here. After a few minutes of the gawking, I started to wave at the starers. Most drove off, but a few almost stopped and I thought we should ask them for a ride. I was voted down. You do not hitch hike in Korea I was told by my girlfriends. It is too scary for the driver. We let another 710 bus pass us by when we figured out that was they ONLY bus going by.
So it was decided the next 710 bus that came we would take it. After about an hour total of waiting, we got on a 710 bus. When asked about the 301-1 bus, the bus driver said there was no such bus. Hannah tried to ask him some more questions but he was in no mood to talk. We rode for a few minutes not really knowing where we were going when Hannah decided to go up and have a little talk with the bus driver. He asked her if she was with the foreigners. She replied that she was and he was instantly very informative as to where we should go.
We left the bus and parted ways with the girls. We took the subway back to Suwon which is usually a lot slower than than 7770 bus but considering we were in Incheon, it was the fastest way. We ate dinner at Burger King in Suwon Station which is something I haven't had for 6 months or more. It was delicious.
Curt's (hubby's) itching is remnants of a work "team building" overnight. They stayed at some remote resort and he came home with what he thought was mosquito bites. I told him that they don't look like mosquito bites and I think he'd been bitten by bed bugs. We immediately through his suitcase into the enclosed patio off of our bedroom and washed his clothes.
If you google bedbugs it will tell you that bites can appear up to 9 days. As of today, he is still getting red bumps. They are hard to kill if they get into your bedding. I had heard about the rise of bedbugs a few years ago and was glad when Curt didn't bring any home through all his travel in Asia. They are in the U.S. too so there really isn't anywhere they can't live.
He is having trouble with the itching and benadryl along with topical cream for the States. We even went to Korean pharmacist but what he prescribed doesn't seem to be working either. It's funny because it smells just like Vick's Vapor Rub.
We'll have to see how bad it is when he returns from his trip. It may be another visit to Ajou University Hospital.

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