Monday, September 8, 2008

Rice Cooking 101

This photo is of Korean rice in my rice cooker. To me, the rice looks clean and ready to cook but to my Korean girlfriend, Hannah, this is filthy, dirty rice. Hannah was over one night cooking a Korean meal for us. I noticed her filling the rice cooker with rice, then removing the bowl from the rice cooker and placing it under the kitchen water faucet. I thought she was filling the bowl with water to cook but she continued to drain the water. She did this about three times when I asked her what she was doing.

She said that she was cleaning the rice and I gave her a puzzled look. I told her that I've never cleaned the rice and never knew you were suppose to. Back home, I was always a Minute Rice girl and I don't remember the directions ever saying you had to wash the rice.

This is my bag of Korean rice.

I don't see anywhere on the instructions where it is saying to wash the rice before use. Although, my Korean is non-existent but I did look at the pictures accompanying the instructions.

I am washing the rice now before I use it. Although, if I'm in a hurry, I have forgotten to. So be warned if you ever have rice at my house, the rice may not be washed!


Sarah said...

Yes, my husband rinses the rice three times before cooking it. The water you pour out should be all milky white.

I not sure if it's "filthy" though...He mentioned that some people wash their face with the water from the rice because it's good for your skin. ?.?

Helena said...

The first step does say wash the rice (fill with water 1-2 times and dump it out) but there's no way you could tell that by looking at the picture.

CreekHiker said...

Becky, it removes the starchy coating. I grew up always washing my rice. And minute rice has no nutritional value girl!

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