Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Found A Maedeup Shop in Seoul

I've been concerned about locating a maedeup cording supplier for a long time. The maedeup owner where I had been taking lesson had given me the run around for over a year. Hellena to the rescue! She found a maedeup shop in Seoul and we went for a visit. That is Hellena in the doorway.

There it is! I would have never found it on my own.

This is the owner adding up my bill. He's been in business for over forty years. I was shocked to see what he used to add up my bill. Hellena said that it is commonly used with the older Koreans.

A closer view of the "calculator." Hellena told me what it was called but I forgot. She double checked his addition using a standard calculator that he also had and his total was correct. He tried to show me how it worked but it still looked like a toy I had when I was a kid.

Some view of the shop. Maedeup heaven! There was cording everywhere!

They also have classes and offered to help me if I needed it. I'm going to continue to take private lessons with my teacher.

It is definitely Fall here in South Korea. The burning of the fields has begun so the days are hazy and it is harder to breathe. The big trend is "going green" even here in Korea but I wonder if the farmers will ever stop this practice. They feel that it is best for the soil.


Sarah said...

Good for you. Doesn't surprised me that you found it in Dongdaemun...That's my favorite place in Seoul! Craft heaven!

A life of Assorted Nuts said...

That counter is an abacus.. old fashioned calculator. Not sure how they say it in Korean tho.

Helena said...

Oooh. Were you just drooling when you walked in? (The sign over the door says something like, "The place where history flows," I think.)

I've seen lots of abacuses (abacci?) being used in banks and stuff.

CreekHiker said...

Hope you find a good source for when you are back here in the states.

Becky said...

Sarah- How's the knitting going? How do you keep the cat out of it. I want a cat badly but we have one back home with our son and hubby doesn't want two. Plus he worries the cat will get into the cording.

Nuts - I forgot the Korean name too.

Helena: My mouth was gaping.

Holly: They ship to the States and Hellena will be my interpreter.

Sarah said...

I revisited your blog to find out more about maedeup. I think I know where this shop is, but you've taken a picture of a shop that says "Shingwang Towels".... Hmmm, It must be nearby here. I'll find it!

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