Sunday, October 19, 2008

Making Korean Kimbap

My Korean girlfriend came over and taught me how to make Korean kimbap. It is pretty easy to make and your local Korean grocery store sells the ingredients ready made.

Here is Hannah, ready to roll!

The ingredients we used from bottom of the picture to the top: SPAM (already precut for kimbap), fish cakes, eggs (Hannah fried these ahead of time), some kind of brown vegetable and yellow radish. The rice is the regular Korean sticky rice which she added vinegar to and the seaweed sheets.

My virus protection would not let me upload videos to YouTube but luckily, Curt (hubby) finally had time to fix the problem. I have lots of videos to share and I'm slowly uploading them so stay tuned. Enjoy watching Hannah make kimbap. It was delicious.

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Helena said...

I've made kim pap a few times for church activities and stuff. Generally it goes over pretty well. (Takes a while to make, though!)

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