Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Night in Hongdae ( Hongik University)

We decided to spend part of the weekend in Hongdae which is also called Hongik University. The best time to visit is at night when the streets are packed with young people. It is also only at night that the street vendors are out and you can buy handmade items especially jewelry. I bought some incense and an incense holder.

We ate at a restaurant famous for a spicy chicken soup. It was so good. The wall was lined with pictures of famous Koreans who had eaten at this restaurant.

We found some business names with the oddest English names.

Here's another one.

The Hongdae area of Seoul is known to be a hangout for young people. We saw a ton of Westerners also. The streets are lined with the most unique coffee houses like the one above.

Our course, we had to visit a noraebang. This is Curt (hubby) with all my Korean girlfriends.

Hannah and me.

I was singing the new Wonder Girls song "Nobody." Curt was helping out with the tambourine along with deciding what to sing next.

This is Jennifer singing.
This is me with our view from the noraebang room.

Hannah went outside and took a couple pictures of us.

We had a blast!

After an hour of noraebang, we went and had some snacks. This is Jennifer, Hellena and Hannah.

That's me and Curt. We ended up leaving Seoul on the last subway run at 12 midnight. We would have had to take a taxi if we had missed it. The bus line from Sadang to Suwon was still pretty long even though it was pretty late. We had a great time!!!

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CreekHiker said...

Fun, fun fun!It seems like you are really enjoying yourselves there!

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