Sunday, November 23, 2008

Korean Rappers

On Saturday night, we were passing through Sadang Station in Seoul on our way back to Suwon when we saw a crowd gathered and heard some singing. You can often find performers in the subway stations especially on weekends. I happened to have my video camera and was able to catch this group.

We only caught half of this song. We unfortunately wtinessed a drunk ajoshhi causing a scene. When we exited the Sadang subway, we encountered the longest line for the 7770 bus in our entire time here in South Korea. Other bus lines were also unusually long. We found the end of the line and began our wait. There were four to five lines waiting for different buses and the buses were few and far between.

All of the sudden, a drunken ajoshhi starts yelling and another ajosshi (who was in line for a bus) complaining about the wait. His hands were flying and he directed his anger at the ajosshi waiting patiently in line. The arguing went back and forth until the drunken ajosshi pulled out his knife case and showed a knife with about a five inch blade. This stopped the argument immediately.

This is when Curt (hubby) and I started to get real nervous. Luckily, he put the knife back into his bag and then cut into the front of line. Flashing an exposed knife does give one the ability to cut in line. Their bus finally came and as the drunk ajosshi entered the bus, he stopped and started screaming at the bus driver. Passengers were unable to enter the bus and everyone just stood around trying to ignore what was going on. Finally, a Korean man took the guy and shoved him to the back of the bus. The bus driver was smiling and shaking his head the whole time.

I thought about videotaping this whole thing since we had our camera but Curt was against it since the guy had a knife and he could direct it on us. I'm really hoping not to see any more of this type of behavior because it is really disturbing especially when you are witness to it. Traffic turned out to be horrible to Suwon and that is why the buses were so sparse.


Helena said...


Melissa said...

Would like to see the D.A footage but I think your husband was right to play it safe. :)

I know people who live in Suwon and they regularly take that same bus from Sadang - and a few weeks ago I got a message from one of my friends who was comlaining that he had to wait more than an hour for the bus. He said it was the longest he had ever waited. Maybe the bus drivers are angry about something??

Cheers ...

Becky said...

Helena: It was pretty intense waiting for the bus.

Melissa: It was the first in 1 1/2 years of living here. I wonder why.

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