Friday, November 21, 2008

The Korean Scooter Guys

You can't walk a street or drive a car in Korea without encountering the scooter guy. They are everywhere including the sidewalks. They can maneuver around you before you even hear them and can stop on a dime. They aren't afraid of cars and we once saw a scooter guy come out of a side street and plow right into a taxi. They deliver your dinner and then come back to pick up your dirty dishes. Even our mail carrier is a scooter guy.

A scooter guy has his own rules of the road. A red light means to look both ways and then go. Most will stop for pedestrians but don't count on it. They will thread their way through stopped traffic to get to the intersection. I've seen police cars at same intersections and have yet to see a scooter guy ticketed.

Korean scooters guys are always in a hurry so be careful when in Korea. Sometimes a scooter guy will decorate his basket but nothing like the one in the picture above. Scooter guys can also be crafty. Who wants to look at an ugly yellow basket when you can look at a bunch of stuffed animals.


CreekHiker said...

It's always exciting there...

Helena said...

I am amazed by how much they pack onto those things.

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