Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Theft and Rudeness

I realized on Christmas day that one of Curt's (hubby) presents never made it under the tree. I was a frantic wrapper as soon as we arrived home in prep for the trip to Illinois. I had printed out everything that I had ordered on-line except this order from Amazon. It was the first and second season of 30 Rock.

When we returned home, I checked on the order and saw that it was delivered on December 9th. So the only conclusion was that it was stolen off of our front porch. I'm relieved it only happened once since I had ordered quite a few things online. It was hard to find the place on Amazon where you inform them that you did not receive a shipment. They don't make that easy but I was able to report it as never received and received an instant credit.

Then the day after Christmas, the phone rings and it's our credit card company. They asked about the last few charges on our credit card which turned out to be fraudulent charges. One charge was for a little over a $1.00 from a photo company and the next week we received these four pictures. The other charges were $30 or less.

The credit cards were cancelled and new ones were reissued. It took about a week to receive them and luckily I have a business credit card which we used in the meantime. We were in the States to stock up on clothes and shoes and needed to do some serious shopping.

I ran through a million emotions from shock to disgust to finally settle on disappointment.

There were also two acts of rudeness that didn't help my mood. I was leaving Target with a couple of bags and expecting to exit through the automatic doors. Two women were stopped right in front of these doors looking through their bags and talking like they were the only two people in the store. They never gave a second look to the people that had to go around them or even that they were bottle necking traffic. I was steamed.

The second act of rudeness occurred at O'Hare Airport on our return flight. We had just gotten onto a tram to take us to our gate. Curt and I were both holding onto the same pole when a woman and her husband barged onto the tram. She was on her cellphone with someone from an airlines and there was clearly a problem with where they needed to be.

With her back to me, she shoved me out of the way and leaned onto the same pole we were holding onto splitting us up. I pushed against her to let her know I was there and was ignored. She was talking so loudly I'm sure the entire tram heard the conversation. I looked over at her husband who was standing patiently by another pole and gave him a not so nice look. He looked away and didn't bother to retrieve his wife.

Curt was just as surprised that this had happened but just shrugged his shoulders. She finally looked around , realized what she did and went to stand by her husband as her phone conversation continued. They got off the next stop without a "I'm sorry" or even a glance our way. Again, I was steamed.

I also have to tell you about the little old lady at my hometown grocery store. I had stopped in to pick up two items and I saw that the 10 item or less line was really long so I got into one of the regular lines. This wonderful little old lady who had to be in her 80's saw my two items and asked me to go ahead of her. I refused but thanked her and I left the store with a big smile on my face. It had meant so much to me.

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CreekHiker said...

It's funny how encounters with rude people, someone will show you the slightest kindness and it feels amazing.

Here in LA, there were two women following UPS trucks in December. They guy would put a package on a porch and they would stop and get it!

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