Friday, March 13, 2009

Flowers Always Make You Feel Better

Yesterday my doorbell rang which is an uncommon occurrence for me. I saw that it was a Korean man in some sort of uniform. After the week I had, I was a little hesitant to answer the door but I did. I opened the door and he had this huge floral arrangement sitting on the floor.

I looked down at it and he said in perfect English, "floral delivery." I said, "Annio, must be another apartment." (How's that for my Korean?). He looked at the slip and said, "Bec-ky Mev-er-den." He showed me the slip and sure enough there was my name.

I thanked him and brought the basket into the apartment. It was from my husband's company hoping that I was feeling better. Wow! I was so touched at their thoughtfulness.


Helena said...

That was nice of them!

CreekHiker said...

Very nice!

The Davis' said...

Oh they are beautiful.
And that little girl below is so precious!
Btw, there's 'something' for you on my blog.
Have a good day!

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