Friday, March 13, 2009

Lunch with Yeo-Jong

I had the pleasure of having lunch with my favorite little girl in South Korea, Yeo-Jung. Her mom was an English major so her English is excellent. We went to a local restaurant chain called VIPS which is a lot like Outback Steakhouse. The biggest difference is they have an out of this world salad bar.

What was most unusual about this salad bar is that you got to have your own plate. Most of the restaurants we have eaten at here in Korea only provide one plate or bowl so everyone shares. The biggest problem we have with that is that I like dressing on my salad and hubby hates it.

They even had desserts. I had some tiramisu which was fantastic. I had never been there before but it is somewhere I will definitely go to again. Yeo Jung was a sweetie.

I want to thank everyone for their kind comments. I really appreciate it. It was a rough week and I am finished with feeling sorry for myself because there are so many wonderful things in my life here in Korea like Yeo-Jong, her mama and all my Korean friends. They all rallied around me.

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