Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Korean Apartment

Shorty before we left Korea I videotaped our apartment mostly for myself to remember when the memories start to fade. I'm really glad that I did it and it gives you glimpse into our life in Korea. We had a wonderful apartment and being the only foreigners everyone knew us.


Helena said...

Ooh, nice building! (And the apartment is huge!)

I figured out that the balconies function as the "outside" area in apartments. In the old style houses (which you can still see out in the country) there's a courtyard with unconnected buildings. You'd leave one building, step into your shoes, do whatever in the courtyard, and when entering another building you'd step out of your shoes again. In apartments the bathrooms and balconies are shoe areas. Koreans always have a pair of flip-flops on the balcony (or in the bathroom) which you step into when you go there. (The purpose is not so much to keep your feet clean as to keep you from tracking stuff on the "inside" floor--the difference is subtle but significant.) Balconies can be for washing things out (they'll often have a faucet and drain), for making kimchi (and storing it afterward), for hanging laundry, for growing things in pots, or whatever.

When I was a missionary there we were told to boil the water before drinking it. I never ran into the microwave thing but I can totally believe it. (Fan death!)

Becky said...

It was a very nice apartment and I miss it already especially my cleaning lady. There are expensive here. We never did by any of the flip-flops for the bathroom since we didn't get it all wet everytime we used it. We also didn't buy a bunch of slippers for guests but since they were always my friends, they were fine with it.

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