Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Apartment Amenities

The big air conditioner in the living room.
They don't have central air in the apartments.
We have a smaller unit in our bedroom and
also my craftroom.

This control is on the toilet. This toilet
comes with a button for the bidet, a button
to wash your bottom, a button to warm the
water and another to warm the seat. You
can control the nozzle and also the water
pressure. There is also a temperature control
for the water and for the seat. Wow, I never
knew you needed more than toilet paper!

This is on the wall as you are sitting on
the toilet. It is a way to answer your phone
when you are busy with the bidet.

This is in our master bedroom. It is a
cosmetics refrigerator. I never knew
they should be refrigerated.

This is our kimchi refrigerator. It comes
with plastic tubs to put your kimchi in.

This is our intercom.

We are on the 10th floor. I was told that
in case of a fire, if I didn't want to wait for
rescue, I can attach a rope to this and out
the window I can go. I think I would wait
for the firemen.

This is our three locks on our front door.

My craftroom. I have a lot of work to do.

My worktable.

The floor of my craftroom.

My first house purchase. After failing many, many
times to make rice. I bought a rice cooker. I can't
read the instructions but I'm going to give it a try


Eva Karrin McKinnon said...

Interesting!! (Your "kimchi fridge") PS- your apartment looks so spacious and modern. *envy

Becky said...

Hi Eva:

We were so lucky with the housing allowance my husband got from his company. The apartment is a little over 1300 sq. ft. Plenty of room for 2. Now if I could get a cleaning lady...

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