Saturday, July 28, 2007

Moving into the Apartment - Korean Style

The moving truck with the attached crane. This shot
is looking down out of our apartment window.

The crane approaching our apartment.
They remove the window for easy access.

A look at the truck and crane from our

A ground view.

Our apartment is on the 10th floor.

A view from down the street.

The truck with our boxes on it. It's been 60 days! I
can't wait to unpack.

Our couch arriving through the window.

Looking down from the apartment.

A co-worker of Curt's (hubby) with me
who came to help us out.

My Korean lunch at the local Home Plus. It is
bulgogi bibimbap. It only came to about $5.00 US.
The move to the apartment is finished. I am so glad to see our stuff. It has been a long time. It was really humid and we were sweating like crazy. The movers unpacked everything and now I just need to put everything where I want it to go. We did venture out into the neightborhood for dinner. I had seen a "Mexican" sign around the corner from our apartment and I've been missing mexican food. Of course, they knew no English but they did have signs and it was actually a chicken restaurant. We ordered fried chicken and a chicken with a coating on it which turned out to be a spicy, sweet and sour chicken. Delicious, but we misordered and ended up with enough food for four so we had leftovers for another meal. I still wonder why a chicken restaurant says "Mexican."


CreekHiker said...

What an experience! I still can't figure how they got your sofa on the crane! All in all, it looks like a very efficient way to move. Hope it wasn't too bad.

Becky said...

It was exhausting, expecially because of the humidity. These people DON'T sweat.

It will take time to get everything put away.

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