Friday, August 3, 2007

More Cool Korean Stuff

This is one of the many "love" motels in Korea. I've never been in one,
although I would like to check it out. I did see one described on Korean
television recently and the one they were highlighting had a board where
all the available rooms were listed. You chose your room, paid and got
the key through the computer, no staff members. They said they were
popular with young people who are dating and want some private time
since it is common to live with your parents until you marry. There
sure are a lot of them! How do like the name of this one? It's right around
the corner from our apartment.

A spoon I brought from the States is on the left and a
Korean spoon I bought is on the right. They use huge
spoons and seem to take very large spoonfuls of food.
I haven't been able to stuff my mouth Korean style
as of yet and I'm still struggling with the metal chopsticks.

A box of napkins. It reminds me of how our Kleenix are packaged.
It might answer the question why I can't find a napkin holder here.

This is the key to our apartment. You hold it up to a metal circle
and the door unlocks. You can also use a code to get in.

My Korean homework. It is so hard and I am struggling. I'll have
to get a picture of my teacher. I have lessons on Mondays and
Wednesdays. He also gives me homework! I told him I haven't had
homework for almost 30 years. He just smiles at me. At least he
didn't tell me it was good for my health!

At the local Home Plus, they were selling these jellyfish in the fish
department. I thought jellyfish stung so I'm not sure I would want
one as a pet but they sure are beautiful. Ooops, just got back from
looking at these again at Home Plus, they are artificial not real. But
still pretty cool to look at.

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