Monday, October 15, 2007

A Visit to Dr. Fish

Curt began his Tae Kwon Do training on Saturday while I was at maedeup class. I had heard about the Dr. Fish Cafe from a few Korean blogs and was really curious about it. Supposedly, you go there and place your feet into pools of fish which eat your dead skin, kinda like a pedicure. The doctor fish are from Turkey. I asked my Korean girlfriends if they knew about it and they did. After class, the four of us decided to visit Dr. Fish Cafe to check it out.

When we arrived, it was quite crowded but the host managed to find a table for us. I noticed that there were Koreans waiting but we sometimes seem to get "special" treatment in Korea, not that I'm complaining. We decided what we wanted to drink and went to the counter to order the drinks (teas, coffes, sodas, lemonade) and the "Dr. Fish." We returned to our table to wait for our number to be displayed and we finished our drinks.

When our number was displayed, we went to the Dr. Fish area and removed our socks and shoes. We had to wash our feet thoroughly and then we were led to the benches to sit. We placed our feet into the fish filled water and the feasting began. I had probably 50 or more fish feeding on my feet. It was such a strange feeling, scary at first. It kinda felt like a small electrical shock but I got used to it pretty fast. We were allowed to sit for 15 minutes and then it was time to dry our feet off and return to our table. We were all pretty excited about the experience but I wasn't really sure it had done anything to my very callused feet.

When we returned home later that night, I was rubbing lotion on my feet (a nightly ritual) and I was shocked at how smooth my feet were. The fish really did remove just about all my dead skin. I'm a believer!

A view of the cafe.
The Dr. Fish portion of the cafe is along the windows.
Tea while we waited.
Here is where you look for your number to be displayed.
Wash those feet well.

Eat, eat, eat little fish!
Curt's feet.
A picture of all of us.

Two videos our our Dr. Fish experience.

Dr. Fish is hard to find, especially if you don't know Korean. It can be found by taking Exit 6 at the Gangnum Station, walk straight until you see the "Teeny Weeny" which is an adult clothing store store on the left. There is a staircase right past the store, go up to the second floor and it is the first door on your left.


Helena said...

Oh my. The whole idea is cracking me up, for some reason. Hey, why limit it to feet? They could have full-body pools.

How is Curt liking Tae Kwon Do? My husband took kumdo (kendo) while we were there. (He's a fencer.) I went along at first to translate, and did it with him for a while, until we started actually hitting each other. I just couldn't take that part. (And I ended up with kumdo-elbow for a while--that hurt!)

Becky said...

Hi Helena: I wouldn't mind have a school of those fish at home when I need a good pedicure! Curt was sore the day after his first Tae Kwon Do lesson and all they did was warm ups. Oh no. Let's see how this week's lesson goes.

CreekHiker said...

Becky, I LOVE the video! It's so great to hear your voices! I miss you guys!


maryloub2008 said...

They DO have full-body spas with the lil fish!!!!! There's one in Icheon (spelling??) I was just in Korea last month!!! ^_^ Good luck finding it!

Anonymous said...

Hey I've enjoyed reading your blog and this post inspired me to go to this place yesterday with my husband and a friend. It was a lot of fun. The Teenie Weenie is gone now so it was hard to find but worth it. We enlisted the help of people on the street and a waitress.

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