Thursday, February 21, 2008


My Yoga buddy brought me some homemade kimchi. He asked me if I liked kimchi and I said, "YES!" He asked if I bought it at the grocery store and I told him we only ate it at restaurants. He said he would bring me some made by his wife, who is also in the yoga class but doesn't speak English (as far as I can tell). He said their kimchi was made with shrimp. Recipes for kimchi are vast. Family kimchi recipes are passed down from one generation to the next. I am told that a new wife will be taught how to make kimchi by her mother-in-law. It seems most Korean men like their mama's kimchi the best.

This is another type of kimchi that he brought me. They were both delicious! I had a pumpkin bread mix I had brought from home so I made that as a thank you.


Helena said...

Mmmm... I think I'm going to go out for kimchi jjigae for my birthday next week.

I hope they liked the pumpkin bread!

Becky said...

Helena: They loved it and said that they would like to take me to the Traditional Folk Village next week. I haven't gone yet but it would be wonderful to go with Koreans.

CreekHiker said...

Becky, What wonderful new friends you are making! Kimchi and pumpkin bread - that's my kind of cultural exchange!

Helena said...

The folk village is cool! I found my scrapbook page about it: Check out the "reproduced bed wetter." (I wonder if that's still there? Let me know if you see it!)

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