Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How to Pick Up Women in South Korea

How to pick up women in South Korea? Get yourself a Western baby! Noah, our grandson was a huge hit his first full day in South Korea. We went out in front of our apartment building the first day to blow some bubbles so mom and dad could get some sleep after the long flight. These were girls on their way to school.

We visited our Home Plus store and our son-in-law wanted to get a Korean haircut. While he was getting his haircut, I entertained Noah in the hallway. As we walked by the nail salon, Noah was whisked away by a nail technician. She just reached down and picked him up as he ran by.

Noah was a huge hit with the Korean ladies on the subways in Seoul. This girl gave him a Mickey Mouse phone charm.

This group of girls gave Noah a sucker.

It was so nice to get onto a crowded subway with a baby to always find someone giving up their seat for you. As I was sitting with Noah, the woman next to me took him from my arms and really didn't want to give him back. I tried repeatedly to no avail. His daddy was finally able to get him when he became cranky. He did so well with all these strangers. I was really surprised.

It wasn't only women that were drawn to Noah. As we waited for a subway, this gentleman reached out to hold Noah. Noah never hesitated to go to anyone. I think we made a lot of Koreans happy! More to come.


CreekHiker said...

OH!!! I just want to kiss those cheeks!!!! He's so cute!!!! Thanks for posting!!!!

Helena said...

Aww, fun. I want to take Kate to Korea.

kim said...

What a sweet little grandson you have. He is adorable - and so patient to be handed over to strangers! The secretary (who is Korean) in my husband's office and I once had a conversation about how we think the babies in each other's country are adorable.

Becky said...

Holly: Have a great time at Bead and Button!

Helena: Kate would be a STAR!!

Kim: Noah was so good. He was touched and picked up EVERYWHERE we went.

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