Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shabu Shabu

Yesterday saw the end of my group maedeup classes. I will be continuing on with private lessons during the week to prepare for the certification test. I will be taking the test in September. It was also my 28th wedding anniversary. My Korean girlfriend wanted to go out for our anniversary since we didn't have any plans so we went to one of her favorite shabu shabu restaurants.

Shabu shabu consists of a broth, mild or spicy or both like we ordered above. The red side is the spicy side. You bring the broth to a boil and then add whatever you ordered. We ordered the beef and seafood.

The beef is paper thin and you place it into the broth until it turns color. The green noodles in the center of the beef were green tea noodles. I thought I had heard of everything possible where green tea was used but I hadn't heard of it in noodles. The top right dish is the veggies along with some mandu (dumplings) and rice cakes. In the center is kimchi and the bottom of the picture are onions.

It was served with soy sauce and a spicy red sauce which was sweet and spicy. We also got two trays of a rice dish. I forgot to take a picture of it. It was a small scoop of rice with other ingredients added, placed on a lettuce leaf. In the center of the dish was a spicy sauce to spoon over the leaf before you shoved the whole thing in your mouth. It was very good.

The whole meal was delicious and the conversation, as usual, very information. A new here in South Korea is girls are no longer wearing their bras all the time. Yes, I mean all the time, even to sleep. The only time they take them off is to bath. But the latest news is that wearing a bra all the time can cause breast cancer. A Korean woman will NEVER go out without a bra on so this must mean that they are not sleeping in them. I never tire of these stories. I find them fascinating.

Tonight our daughter, son-in-law and grandson arrive from the States. I haven't seen them since Christmas and I can't wait to sight see with them. We have done so little sightseeing since we arrive. That is, if I can stop hugging them long enough to do anything. I hope I don't embarrass my daughter or my husband tonight but I have a feeling I will.


CreekHiker said...

Becky, I know you've got to be so excited to show the kids around! Have a great time with them!

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