Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm Hopelessly Addicted...

...Korean dramas like "What Star Are You From." The premise is complicated but revolves around a young Korean film director. His fiance is killed in an auto accident (he was driving) and he becomes a recluse for three years. He finally emerges and happens to see his fiance walking down the street (who would have thought). He follows her home and the story takes off from there. She turns out to be the long lost sister of his fiance.

I can only understand a little of the dialog but that doesn't stop me from being glued to the television. I also seem to get really hooked on the music too. I plant myself in front of the television with my maedeup (Korean knotting) in hand and enjoy the hour. There are so many Korean dramas and they rerun them quite often. If you happen to get the Asian cable channel back in the States, they televise a lot of these dramas with subtitles.


umma2kimchilovers said...

You can watch Korean dramas online with subtitles for free. There are few sites that have them. I think they have this drama on with english subs.
You can also try or
You may like a very popular Korean tv show called "We Got Married". It is a semi reality show about famous Korean Stars matched as couple living together as husband and wife for a trial period.

Melissa said...

That's right!

And there are other sites with subtitles: (look for Korean channels)

I stay away from these sites (except for vacations) because I know once I start to watch I won't be able to stop!

I wish I had something as easy to recommend for your next post (about your friend with the semi-stalking BF) but I don't, unfortunately. The guy will give up eventually but still - it's kind of you to offer your friend a place to stay. And prudent of you to keep a wary eye out.

take care ...

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