Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Constant.....Eater?

I'm beginning to think this blog should be called "The Constant Eater" because a lot of times my posts are about food. It is true before we moved to Korea I was a picky eater (no onions in anything, didn't really eat veggies, would never eat anything unless I knew exactly what was in it...). The only thing that I have refused to eat or try here in Korea is octopus. My husband is shocked and thrilled at the change in me. I even eat cooked carrots now. I'm surprised at all the vegetables I am eating. Also since beef is so expensive we have pretty much cut it out of our diet. I think we are both healthier for that and all the other changes in our eating habits. When we do eat out in Korea it isn't fast food but homemade food made fast. That's a big difference.

Here in Korea my bread gets moldy in a few days instead of a few weeks. My milk and eggs go bad so much sooner than back in the States. It's got to be all the preservatives that are added to everything back home. I now buy only half a loaf a bread and go to the grocery store almost every other day instead of once a week when we were living in the States.

Su-Mi (my maedeup teacher) took me to lunch before the chilbo exhibition and I had mandu guk which is Korean dumpling soup. It is one of my favorite foods here in Korea. The picture above is of my soup.

Su-Mi had bibimbap.

Here she is! I love her smile!!

While Curt (hubby) was in Taiwan this week I had all my Korean friends over for an American dinner. I made tacos with hamburger and also chicken. I had brought back about 20 packages of taco seasoning. It was so good to be with friends and we had a great time. They didn't tell Jeff that Curt was out of town for fear he wouldn't come but he took it well when he found out Curt wasn't going to be there.


Beth said...

I love all of your posts. The ones on food are so interesting. Don't stop!! I feel like I visiting South Korea. It is so great to get a personal feel in your overall 'documentary' then just reading a book or watching a show on South Korea.

CreekHiker said...

Becky, I figure it's almost your birthday with the time difference so Happy Happy Dear Friend!

I love the "Constant Eater" - it's perfect!

I do hope that one day, you and Curt come back to LA and we can go to Korea town and you can teach me what to order!

Mabel is much better, FYI.

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